Interview with Hideous Monarch: Brutal Death Metal From Brazilian Southern

With his Lyric video active on social networks and with the cover of the new work presented to the public, Hideous Monarch appears making a lot of noise with promising and very rustic material, a band that does not add modernity to his work but rather brutality and a time when bands recorded their songs without thinking if they would be released on the radio because of the music size, but because of the quality of the material presented, check out our interview with the band, we thank the public relations agency “Wagner Santos “for the intermediary interview.

MS: As far as the lyrics of the band are concerned, it is noticeable that there is no intolerance but the most hypocritical subjects of society become transparent, could you say a little about it?

HM: We talk about hatred, revenge, death and religious fanaticism, we speak in the letters subjects that are part of society and that daily bring humanity the vision of chaos and horror

MS: Who is responsible for generating content in the band? Compositions in a general sense of creation?

HM: We usually start with some Riffs on guitar or bass, we set up the instrumental structure and in rehearsals we are testing what works or not. The letter is written and embedded during this process.

MS: Do the instruments have remarkable features and riffs that sound in the 80’s, was it purposeful or were they just naturally created compositions?

HM: I do not think it was intentional, it’s something that has to do with our style. We have a musical base that was formed in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Everyone has been listening to heavy sound over the years and playing in different bands, so you will find riffs from this 80’s, but as all members listen to new things they are also incorporated into our music.

MS: It’s becoming more common for bands to come into the studio with a project in mind and throughout their careers the timeline changes, their recent lyric video has a somewhat lengthy footage close to the band’s current proposal they release songs of up to 3min and 30secs, does the band want to adjust it over time or will it be the format of the compositions?

HM: We never thought of making a unique format for our compositions, we think that each song brings a new challenge. The music of the lyric video was composed without this concern, like the others, we try to take advantage of the best structure and cadence so that the composition is genuine.
MS: The cover art was magnificent and with a really rough tone in the main image, we know how difficult it is for a designer to compose an image like this, did the band suggest this drawing or did the artist get the idea through the lyrics?

HM: based on the work of the band the creator of this art can freely construct this work that has been making noise even before the official release “Marcos Miller” is an excellent professional and perfectly captured what we wanted to express with this work, and to be recognized by this creation It makes us extremely happy.

MS: Has there been an addition to the band, talk a little about the reasons that led to this decision?

HM: We did our first show and felt that a second guitar would make a difference live would bring more weight and density to our sound. In addition, we already had some ideas of working the strings more, making some arrangements that with a guitar would only be impossible. Then we found Stefan and he fit in perfectly with us.

Lyric Video: Cult of self flagellation

Interview by Carl Weiss.

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