Sagrav: planned album release for the first half 2019

Sagrav is a metal band from the city of Chapecó / SC formed in jul / 2014 by Protásio Vargas Neto “Prota”, bass player. In his first formation also he counts on Cristiano Zauza “Zauza”, vocal / guitar and José Paulo Kemper “Bugrinho”, battery.
The lyrics and theme of the band are based on local historical events and events, according to the debut EP “The Lynching” (2015), which portrays the controversial lynching and burning of the central church that took place in Chapecó in October of the year 1950 , as well as personal life events and everyday events.
The second work of the group is the EP “Masked People” (2017): composed of four songs: The Past Is In The Past, Masked People, Black Mist and The Way of Death. Recorded in Chapecó-SC in the studio of Gere. It has the same line up of EP “The Lynching” (2015).
In July 2017 drummer José Paulo Kemper “Bugrinho” left the band, and in his place enters Guilherme Luan Cruz “Gui”, coming from the band Dinamark Blues Band of São Miguel do Oeste – SC.
At the beginning of 2018, vocalist and guitarist Cristiano Zauza left the band. With this low, the group undergoes a great reformulation: enters Luciano Alfredo Bravo “Secão” in the vocal, coming from the band Arms Against of São Miguel do Oeste – SC, returns in the battery José Paulo Kemper “Bugrinho” and Guilherme Luan Cruz “Gui “Goes to the role of guitarist. The band then becomes a quartet.
Currently the band works on eight new compositions for recording their first album (third studio work), due to be released in early 2019.

Current Training:
Luciano Alfredo Bravo “Secão” – Vocal
Guilherme Luan Cruz “Gui” – Guitar
Protásio Vargas Neto ‘Prota’ – Bass
José Paulo Kemper “Bugrinho” – Drums

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